Make and handle invoices, estimates and received bills. Made for entrepreneurs not accountants.

For whom?
Sole proprietors, small businesses and NGO-s
For how much?
Basic plan is FREE. Plus is just $9 / month.

Basic plan

Gives you Invoicing, Payment management, Clients, List of Items/Services and Statistics.

  • start creating invoices in minutes
  • create up to 30 invoices per month
  • specify up to 30 items or services
  • absolutely free and without obligation

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Plus plan

All Basic plan features plus Estimates, Pro-forma invoices, Expenses, Payables and more...

  • create up to 500 invoices per month
  • specify up to 500 items or services
  • pay as you go, stop at any time
  • try our service absolutely free for 30 days!

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What are our users saying?

"thanks for prompt support and for fixing my problem, impressed"

Leslie - web designer

"InvoiceFox is great! I was using Excel for this now. So glad I found you guys!"

J.B. - automotive shop

"Hey, this service is really fast and simple, exactly what I was looking for."

Brian - forest maintenance


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